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Purpose Driven Eating

The Daniel Plan

Has anyone heard about Rick Warren’s “The Daniel Plan”? It has all the elements of what makes Christianity horrible.

1. Completely misusing Scripture to give credence to the plan. (Because we don’t respect God’s word)

2. Creating a plan of action guided by secular experts. (Because we trust them more than God)

3. Slick marketing. (Because the Holy Spirit no longer speaks to people)

4. Putting the focus on something other than the task Jesus gave us. (Because that whole Great Commandment/Great Commission thing is sooooo last century)

I’m not a Warren hater, as those who know me will testify. I am a fat guy currently dieting (9 pounds down so far in two weeks!). I am just sick to death as stuff like passing for church. Even the most noble missions we come up with fall short of the the mission the church has been given by God. The target of this post could have been any number of high profile church programs, from political moves to getting you finances all peaced up.

Whatever time spent not preaching the gospel of Christ, is time when the gospel is not heard.


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