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Jesus and the Tornadoes of Alabama

April 28, 2011 Leave a comment

photo by Jason Clark, Southcreek Global Media

I’ve spent yesterday and today looking at the devastation that has wrecked my former home of Birmingham, Alabama and the surrounding cities. I find it hard to process the sheer magnitude of it all. For some reason I can look at pictures of tsunami damage in Japan with a comfort of remoteness, but when I see places that I’ve been, streets I’ve driven down, and people I care about afraid, my heart aches and I struggle to find meaning. It is universally human to look for deep meaning in the face of tragedy, and the good news amidst the darkness isĀ  that there is meaning indeed. Jesus tells us there is meaning, and that those who suffer do not do so in vain.

Hopefully this short sermon can be a comfort to those hurting, and those looking for answers.

Tornadoes and Jesus (13:27)

Tornadoes don’t last forever, Jesus does.

You can help the victims of this disaster. CNN has a great guide here.

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