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Is God a Gaga Fan?

February 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Lady Gaga wearing a cross

I just read an interesting article at The Wall Street Journal entitled, God at the Grammys: The Chosen Ones. Based on several interviews, the author makes the observation that many music artists believe (at lest in part) their success is the result of divine intervention. Lady Gaga tells the reporter that she believes a “higher power” is watching out for her. Snoop Dogg also attributes his comeback as part of God’s plan.

We have all seen professional athletes point to the sky or kiss a golden cross hanging from their net. While these may not be my favorite displays of devotion, it does beg the question, did God really do that?

Well, yes. An aspect of God’s nature that we should remember and celebrate is what we call Common Grace. Common Grace is the idea that God blesses everyone in some way. Jesus told his followers, while encouraging them to love their enemies, that God sends rain on the just and the unjust. Rain was the most obvious sign of blessing from the heavens to agrarian people, and Jesus uses the powerful image of life-giving water as an image of grace.

Wikipedia’s article on Common Grace does a pretty good job summarizing the doctrine and contrasting it with Special Grace, or the grace of salvation. Here’s a good description of Common Grace as theologian Louis Berkhoff describes it.

“[Common grace] curbs the destructive power of sin, maintains in a measure the moral order of the universe, thus making an orderly life possible, distributes in varying degrees gifts and talents among men, promotes the development of science and art, and showers untold blessings upon the children of men,”

So does God have a favorite Gaga song? Maybe, maybe not. But if you do, you should not forget to thank God for it.

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